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Defending Home Schooling Families And Their Rights
RELEASE|January 19, 2024
Contact: James DeSana

Dear Michigan Homeschooling Families,

As your voice in the House of Representatives, and as a Catholic Home School Father of 8 children, I firmly believe in the rights of parents to educate their children as they freely choose and see fit. Parents are the primary educators of their children and our Constitution does not allow the Government to interfere or regulate this right. In many cases, for many families, this is a religious freedom issue and any government action that might restrict or regulate this Constitutionally protected right is a clear violation of the 1st Amendment. In cases where homeschooling is utilized for non-religious purposes, I still firmly believe in the rights of individuals to liberty, guaranteed in our Declaration of Independence.

I do not believe the Federal Government, the State Government or a local school board can regulate or restrict a parent’s right to educate their children. I will fight to defend Home Schooling Families and defend their Constitutional rights and I will work to ensure that these rights are not usurped or restricted by any legislative, executive, or judicial action.


James DeSana

Michigan House of Representatives

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