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Fink advocates for state budget dollars to aid local emergency services
RELEASE|February 20, 2024
Contact: Andrew Fink

Rep. Fink has penned a letter to House Appropriations Chair Angela Witwer (D-Delta Township) about specific public safety funding he believes should be included in the state’s spending plan this year.

The priorities included in his letter would fulfill funding requests made by local public emergency services from the municipalities he represents in Branch, Hillsdale and Lenawee counties.

“Several officials from local governments I represent have reached out to my office to share funding needs for their law enforcement and emergency response departments,” Fink’s letter states. “Securing the rights of the citizens and maintaining public safety are paramount responsibilities of government. Consequently, it is my belief that ensuring the financial needs of public emergency services are met should be this legislative body’s top priority as we determine appropriations spending this year.”

Fink’s funding requests include:

  • Aiding Hillsdale County in the installation of a new 800 MHz emergency radio communication system.
  • Supporting the Hudson Fire Department building in surveying and repairing its sinking concrete floor.
  • Helping the Montgomery Fire Department construct additional space in its main building so that all equipment may be stored at the same location, preventing delays in emergency response times.
  • Assisting the City of Coldwater in updating the building housing both their police and fire departments, including incorporating new equipment, communication systems, and other technological advancements.

“The emergency services in our communities have proven to be excellent stewards of taxpayer dollars, having always shown up for residents in need promptly and efficiently,” Fink said. “These departments have done so much with so little, and these highly necessary improvements will go a long way to ensure the citizens I represent continue to have access to reliable emergency services when they need them.”

Fink’s letter can be read in its entirety here.

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