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Gruesome West Michigan murder proves the danger of sanctuary zones
RELEASE|March 28, 2024
Contact: Andrew Fink

State Rep. Andrew Fink (R-Adams Township) issued the following reaction to the murder of Ruby Garcia allegedly committed by an illegal immigrant in West Michigan earlier this week:

“I’m appalled to hear reports about the gruesome act of violence allegedly committed by an illegal immigrant in West Michigan this week. This is precisely the kind of bad actor that stronger border security laws, or better-enforced existing laws, would keep from entering the United States.

“Legislation I have repeatedly introduced would prevent Michigan municipalities and counties from declaring sanctuary status and preventing their law enforcement from working with federal immigration officials to preserve public safety. My plan has fallen on deaf ears, but I am hopeful this tragic event will be a wakeup call for our state’s leaders. We must take action to prevent acts of violence like this one and protect innocent human lives.

“Countless law-abiding immigrants who respect our immigration laws are waiting for their chance to enter our great nation legally. All the while, bad actors are making their way in unchecked. I continue to stand up for American citizens in Michigan and the immigrants following the proper channels to gain legal residence and citizenship in America.”

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