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Paquette voices concerns about overseas-restricted puberty blockers still used in Michigan
RELEASE|August 10, 2023
Contact: Brad Paquette

Rep. Paquette has sent a letter to Michigan hospitals expressing his concerns with “gender-affirming care” for minors after recent overseas studies revealed that gender reassignment surgeries could have devastating consequences for vulnerable children.

“I strongly believe that open dialogue and evidence-based decision-making are essential for our democracy,” Paquette’s letter said.

A recent systematic review of evidence in England, Sweden, and Finland found results that warrant caution and led to restrictions on the use of puberty blockers for minors going into effect later this year.

Paquette expressed his concerns that hospitals in Michigan continue to administer the same drugs being restricted overseas. The legislator is requesting that hospital administrators provide feedback about the study and how it should impact patient care moving forward.

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