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Rep. Friske condemns National Popular Vote, attempt to destroy Electoral College
RELEASE|March 8, 2023
Contact: Neil Friske

State Rep. Neil Friske is condemning the National Popular Vote (NPV) and the Democrat-led effort to disenfranchise voters in the State of Michigan.

“This attempt to centralize our Republic is nothing short of corrupt authoritarianism,” said Friske, of Charlevoix. “National Popular Vote would take elections out of the hands of Michigan voters and hand them to costal elites. Under this anti-constitutional and tyrannical legislation, Michigan voters would go from having 100% control of their electors in a presidential election, to roughly 3.5%.”

While proponents of NPV legislation claim this only strengthens and solidifies the electoral college, it actually dismembers it and neutralizes any last remnants of constitutional Republican values in the system, according to Friske. For instance, if ‘Candidate A’ took 95% of the vote in Michigan, and ‘Candidate B’ only took 5%, but took the popular vote in the rest of the country, ‘Candidate B’ would technically win Michigan despite only having the support of 5% of Michigan voters.

“We need to make Michigan less like Communist China and more like the constitutional republic our founders were willing to die for,” Friske said. “We owe it to our sons and daughters, grandchildren, and all future generations to preserve our nation and the American way of life.”

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