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Rep. Hoadley plan works to re-purpose Standish correctional facility
RELEASE|June 18, 2024
Contact: Mike Hoadley

State Rep. Mike Hoadley today introduced legislation which would transfer property in Arenac County owned by the state of Michigan to a bidder at fair market value.

House Bill 5820 will allow the Department of Management, Technology and Budget (DTMB) to transfer ownership of the Standish Maximum Correctional Facility at fair market value by a competitive method of sale.

The Standish Maximum Correctional Facility was a maximum-security prison with five 88-bed housing units and another unit comprising of 164 beds. The facility opened in 1990 and was occupied for 19 years until October 2009 when it was announced the facility would be closed. The facility now sits empty and deserted, and Hoadley said it could be retrofitted to meet various potential needs – including increased mental health care for residents.

“My legislation will help ensure our region is able to re-purpose the vacant Standish prison,” Hoadley said. “Michigan is facing a mental health epidemic. Sheriffs, citizens and local officials are all to aware of the problem. This facility provides a resource our community is severely lacking. Recently, a series of break-ins have increased the calls to re-purpose the prison. My bills simply authorizes DTMB to label the prison as for sale.”

When state departments list state property as surplus, the Legislature is required to provide authorization before that property is transferred out of state possession. At one time, the Department of Corrections considered the Standish Maximum Correctional Facility as a prime asset. However, this is currently not the case.

“This is a practical plan that legally transfers property ownership and ensures clear titles and protect a buyer’s rights,” Hoadley said.

The proposal was referred to the House Local Government and Municipal Finance Committee for consideration.

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