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Rep. St. Germaine calls on governor to be proactive as border situation worsens
RELEASE|February 15, 2024

State Rep. Alicia St. Germaine has sent a letter to Gov. Gretchen Whitmer asking her to work at the state level and advocate federal officials to protect Michigan families amidst the current U.S. border crisis.

St. Germaine’s letter specifically underscores issues related to drug and human trafficking. Fentanyl in particular has continued to impact people and families across the state. In 2022, 68 percent of overdose deaths in the U.S. were linked to fentanyl. The southern border of the U.S. is a main source of fentanyl entering the country and the trafficking problem is getting worse, with U.S. Customs and Border Protection disclosing last year that they’ve been seizing 860 percent more fentanyl than they were five years prior.

St. Germaine said the fallout across communities she represents in Macomb County has been far-reaching, with community-based recovery programs such as Families Against Narcotics being overwhelmed by a surging number of overdoses and addictions.

“As legislators, we have witnessed the terrible impacts of fentanyl throughout our districts,” the letter reads. “Numerous constituents have lost loved ones from narcotics laced with fentanyl. … Local first responders struggle to keep up with increased fentanyl-linked crimes and deaths.

“We write you requesting that as the duly elected executive of the state of Michigan and a key voice within our nation’s political discussion, that you immediately work with the President of the United States to secure our nation’s border through all actions and resources at the disposal of the federal government and work with the state Legislature to lessen the impact of the border crisis on the people of Michigan.”

The letter references bipartisan legislation that will strengthen sentencing requirements for those convicted of trafficking fentanyl and other measures that increase accountability, protect families and bolster the state’s response as it works to stem the supply of the deadly drug.

“As we continue into the year of 2024 – a year of shared power within our state’s House of Representatives – we ask you to join us in setting aside political differences and sharing in the common principle of doing everything in our power to protect people we represent,” the letter says. “As a leader in our state, we hope you will work to preserve prosperity for people who are rightfully concerned about what they are seeing take place.”

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