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Vote Explanations – Week of April 24
RELEASE|April 28, 2023
Contact: Rachelle Smit

HB 4054:  Amends the General Sales Tax Act by clarifying how the industrial processing exemption applies to aggregate production.

Sponsor: Rep. VanWoerkom (R)
Passage: 85-23 *Previous Bill*

Why I voted YES:  The industrial processing exemption should count whether sales or use tax is paid on the product. This provides clarity on when the exemption is allowed.

– – –

SB 97:  Amends the Use Tax Act by clarifying that the industrial processing exemption for machinery and equipment used in aggregate production is applicable as long as either sales or use tax is paid on the product.

Sponsor: Sen. Bellino (R)
Passage: 86-22 with Immediate Effect *Previous Bill*

Why I voted YES:  This provides clarity on the industrial processing exemption and makes complying with the exemption simple, avoiding complicated and overburdensome ways to comply with the exemption.

– – –

SB 160:  Amends the Reporting Tax Information Act by updating references to the Use Tax Act.

Sponsor: Sen. Singh (D)
Passage: 92-16 with Immediate Effect *Previous Bill*

Why I voted YES:  This updates language in the act to the correct section and subsection reference in the Use Tax Act. o This will allow the governor to have the proper information for the required report on the amount of foregone use tax revenue due to exemptions.

– – –

SB 259:  Expands the Michigan Election Law to add provisions that allow any person living overseas to register and vote absentee and includes that there does not need to be a postmark on the absentee ballot if received by the clerk within 6 days after the election.

Sponsor: Sen. Wojno (D)
Passage: 56-52

Why I voted NO:  This is a direct violation of the Constitutional Amendment and goes far beyond the intent of what voters passed in Proposal 2 which stated that the ballots must be postmarked on or before election day.  The Michigan Constitution is clear. Nowhere does it say ballots delivered days after an election without any postmark should be recorded.

– – –

HB 4146:  Would amend multiple sections of this state’s firearms laws to complement the Extreme Risk Protection Order Act created by HB 4145 (Puri).

Sponsor: Rep. Breen (D)
Passage: 56-52 *Previous Bill*

Why I voted NO:  “Red Flag” laws make for great talking points, but the reality is these bills propose taking away an individual’s right to keep and bear a firearm without due process.

– – –

HB 4147:  Service of process for orders under the Extreme Risk Protection Order Act.

Sponsor: Rep. Brixie (D)
Passage: 56-52 *Previous Bill*

Why I voted NO:  Michigan already has a process to involuntarily commit someone who is mentally ill and a danger to themselves or others. Enforcing the laws already on the books will protect the public and get people who are struggling with their mental health the help they need. That’s a much better option than showing up at someone’s home, taking their guns, and leaving them alone – potentially with access to knives, pills, or other items they could use to harm

– – –

HB 4148:  Would amend the Code of Criminal Procedure, specifically the criminal sentencing guidelines, to add new penalties for violations of the Extreme Risk Protection Order Act.

Sponsor: Rep. Young (D)
Passage: 56-52

Why I voted NO: These bills give the target of an extreme risk protection order no right to an attorney, even though a defendant can be thrown in jail if they don’t immediately comply with an order to surrender their guns. Similar laws in other states disproportionately affect lower-income people who can’t afford to hire a lawyer to defend themselves. In Florida, for example, 80% of the people who had guns confiscated did not have lawyers to defend their rights in court.

– – –

SB 18:  Amends Public Act 225 of 2003 by designating January 30th of each year as Fred Korematsu Day in Michigan.

Sponsor: Sen. Chang (D)
Passage: 104-3 with Immediate Effect

Why I voted YES:  Fred Korematsu is known for efforts in advancing civil rights in the United States. He should be commemorated for doing so.

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