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Why I voted NO on prevailing wage
RELEASE|March 23, 2023
Contact: Luke Meerman

I voted NO on HB 4007, a bill that reestablishes prevailing wage in our state. Prevailing wage is a policy crafted to benefit unions at the cost of private businesses. This bill empowers the Department of Labor to rig wages for public construction projects and it inserts bureaucracy directly into the economy. Earlier this month, I voted NO on this bill, but yesterday, Senate Democrats outfitted the bill with employer mandates and punitive measures for noncompliance that can originate from a mere allegation.

This bill is bad for Michigan businesses, and it bloats the bureaucratic state with investigative powers that will allow the Department of Labor to interfere with construction operations and raise red tape around businesses. I already voted against this bill earlier this month and it is not often that a bill comes back for a second vote after being retrofitted with provisions that expand government control of the free market.

I have severe concerns with this bill and during yesterday’s vote, I offered two amendments to address the portions of the bill that will negatively impact small businesses. Without any discussion, my amendments were gaveled down, and House Democrats continued their rodeo where dissenting opinions are silenced in favor of authoritative one-party legislating.

HB 4007 is clearly devised to promote unions and clear the bidding process for public projects of private contractors. Wages should be determined by the free market and this bill is a clear demonstration of Democrats intentions to regulate the economy and eliminate market competition. 

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