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Rep. Carra condemns National Popular Vote proposal
RELEASE|March 13, 2023
Contact: Steve Carra

Rep. Steve Carra (R-Three Rivers) last week joined Sen. John Damoose (R-Harbor Springs) along with fellow Republican legislators in condemning the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact. The letter reads:

We, the undersigned legislators and Republican leaders are writing to express a grave concern about the future of our republic. Certain current and former officials have endorsed the concept of Michigan joining the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact. Currently, there is a bill pending before the Michigan Legislature supporting this compact (NPVIC).

Recently, a letter was also published by a group of former Republican leaders. We believe they were  misguided in their endorsement of this proposed scheme.  This unconstitutional effort would fundamentally alter the nature of our Republic. In fact, the new nation that they propose might best be named “The United States of California and New York.”

Our current electoral system was the outcome of the “Grand Compromise.” It was necessitated by the reluctance of the smaller states to join a union dominated by large states who could exercise the tyranny of the majority. Without protection from this feared tyranny, there would have been no concurrence of the required 9 state minimum, and no United States of America.

Today, we face that same dilemma. The idea that larger states would have the power to dictate the award of smaller state’s Electoral College Votes is anathema to the protection of the voices and votes of the less populated states. Michigan’s Electoral College votes belong to the voters of Michigan and nobody else. If our votes were subjected to the control of others, there isn’t much sense in even holding an election.

We, the undersigned respectfully disagree with the endorsement of the NPVIC. Please join us in demanding a “NO” vote by our legislature on this matter. Our republic and the integrity of our vote are too important to discard.

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