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Rep. Carra: Vote Explanations 5/25/2023
RELEASE|May 25, 2023
Contact: Steve Carra

Tuesday, May 23

I voted NO on HB 4438 and 4439 (Rep. Breen and Rep. Bezotte) would provide for compulsory arbitration for labor disputes involving local corrections officers, under the rules that currently apply to police officers and firefighters. The bills would amend Act 312 of 1969, an act entitled “Compulsory Arbitration of Labor Disputes in Police and Fire Departments.” Generally, that act provides for compulsory arbitration of labor disputes for public police and fire departments, because the law prohibits the right of such employees to strike. EXPLANATION: Continuously expanding the ability of public sector groups to arbitrate is a slippery slope as it can slowly be applied to more and more individuals.

HB 4438 PASSED: 88-18; HB 4439 PASSED: 90-16

Wednesday, May 24

I voted NO on HB 4120 (Rep. Rogers) would require DHHS to create and distribute a training package for mandatory reporters and require employers who have employees that are mandatory reporters to provide the training packages to those individuals, with exceptions. EXPLANATION: Employees already are trained in their professions as to what the mandatory reporting should be. This should be up to each individual business, not the government.

PASSED: 102-5

I voted YES on HB(s) 4121 and 4122 (Rep. Breen and Rep. Hope) would include a conviction for sexual penetration under the pretext of medical treatment in the list of grounds requiring sanctions to be imposed on a person licensed or registered under the Public Health Code. They also require a health professional license or registration to be permanently revoked for a violation involving sexual penetration under the pretext of medical treatment. EXPLANATION: The sexual assault scandal surrounding the actions of Larry Nassar brought to light several aspects of the laws governing the conduct of licensed health professionals. These bills prevent an individual convicted of sexual assault under the guise of medical treatment from regaining their license on top of other penalties for the crime.


I vote NO on HB 4123 (Rep. Filler) would make it criminal for an individual to intentionally use their professional position of authority to prevent, or attempt to prevent, another from reporting criminal sexual conduct. EXPLANATION: There runs the risk that a victim could ask for support or guidance from an authority figure and construe the advice as attempting to prevent the reporting of sexual misconduct, paving the way for future lawsuits.

PASSED: 102-5

I voted NO on HB 4124 (Rep. Glanville) would make it a 1-year misdemeanor for an individual to intentionally use his/her professional position of authority to prevent, or attempt to prevent, another from reporting criminal sexual conduct or certain other crimes to a Title IX coordinator at a college or university.  EXPLANATION: Similar to HB 4123, this can open the door to the possibility of misdemeanors being put on individuals whose advice can be construed as attempting to prevent sexual misconduct from being reported.

PASSED: 102-5

I voted NO on HB 4125 (Rep. Rheingans) would prohibit a school from suspending a sexual assault victim, or suspending the victim for more than 10 days, for an action that the victim took “arising out of” an incident in which the victim was sexually assaulted. EXPLANATION: This would allow students to have a much easier punishment if they committed an illegal action against another student if it “arose” out of an alleged incident in which the victim was sexually assaulted. 

PASSED: 97-10

I voted NO on HB 4555 (Rep. Rogers) would designate June 12th of each year as “Women Veterans Recognition Day”. EXPLANATION: We honor all veterans on Veterans Day. The Democrats are constantly dividing and segregating people into groups. It’s important we recognize all veterans are recognized and Veterans Day does this well.

PASSED: 104-3

I voted NO on HB 4071 (Rep. Steckloff) would amend the Michigan Insurance Code of 1956 (MCL.500.100 to 500.8302), adding a new section creating a parity provision for IV and orally administered chemotherapy treatments. EXPLANATION: The problem of skyrocketing cost of healthcare and prescription drugs is only a symptom of a greater problem in our country’s medical system. We should be looking at trying to solve the bigger picture issue and move to a more free market solution rather than price fixing.

PASSED: 70-37

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