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Rep. Meerman reaffirms support for Israel
RELEASE|May 21, 2024
Contact: Luke Meerman

Rep. Meerman issued the following statement reaffirming his continued support for the people of Israel against known terrorist groups and condemning antisemitism on college campuses:

“Make no mistake, October 7th was an unprovoked and organized attack, and that day will forever be remembered for the barbaric violence brought against unarmed civilians. There can be no equivocation made against the terrorists who initiated this attack and to date, there are still men and women held captive by these terrorists. As free citizens, we must stand for the sovereignty of Israel and their efforts to free the hostages held captive in inhumane conditions, separated from their families and loved ones.”

“While the free nation of Israel faces continued threats of violence from Hamas, college campuses across our country are making a stand in support of the terrorists who initiated this conflict. To the young men and women who have been misdirected into participating in these demonstrations, you have created a spectacle of the institutions in our higher education system. Demonstrations have been destructive, and students of Jewish heritage have been made to feel unsafe on the campuses where they are earning their educations. Recent harassment of U of M regents at their personal homes is unacceptable. Frankly, these demonstrations are raising grave questions for the millions in taxpayer dollars that are spent on institutions of higher learning.”  

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