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Rep. Outman calls on governor to fulfill fruitless promises of bipartisanship, approve state gas tax break
RELEASE|June 23, 2022
Contact: Pat Outman

State Rep. Pat Outman (R-Six Lakes) issued the following statement after the president asked Congress to suspend the federal gas tax, urging Gov. Whitmer to give drivers additional savings at the pump by approving a state gas tax break as proposed by the Legislature:

“The governor claims she is all-in for working in a bipartisan fashion to suspend the state gas tax, but her actions show otherwise. If Gov. Whitmer had worked with the Legislature when we approached her weeks ago, Michigan drivers would have already saved hundreds of dollars at a time when they needed it most.

“We must address fuel costs that are stretching Michigan families thin. A federal gas tax cut will help – but a state gas tax cut would help even more. I am calling on the governor to follow through with her promises and do her part to help people save more money at the pump.”


In March, Rep. Outman joined in the overwhelming, bipartisan support of House Bill 5570, which would have paused Michigan’s 27.2 cents per gallon motor fuel tax for six months to help lower high gas prices. Gov. Whitmer vetoed the bill in April.

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