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Rep. Outman: Michiganders could be, should be paying less income tax
RELEASE|April 12, 2024
Contact: Pat Outman

Lansing Democrats thwarted income tax cut plan Republicans put in place years ago

As Tax Day approaches, Rep. Pat Outman (R-Six Lakes) commented on the increased burden the state income tax posed on Michigan’s working families this year after Lansing Democrats reversed an income tax cut that had been triggered for all taxpayers thanks to a plan put in place by Republicans in 2015:

“Inflation continues to stretch household budgets thinner and thinner. At a time when they needed it most, taxpayers were afforded what could have been a permanent income tax rollback for every worker and senior in Michigan. Instead, Democrats thwarted the cut and spent the entirety of our state’s historic $9 billion budget surplus.

“What’s worse is that the frivolous spending measures did not even directly benefit Michigan households. Billions and billions went to pet projects like swimming pools and splash pads in specific areas of the state, unnecessary expansion of non-essential government programs, and lavish corporate handouts that have not amounted to the job creation that was promised.

“Michigan’s population continues to decrease, and we’ve lost more citizens to Florida and Texas than anywhere else – two states that do not charge workers and seniors individual income tax. This is not a coincidence. Michigan must take steps to make our state more competitive, and addressing income tax burdens would be a great place to start.”


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